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Maps for Kananaskis Country

Kananaskis Country is an area often overlooked by visitors to the Canadian Rockies, mostly because it doesn't get the same international press coverage as the national parks do. However, the scenery here is just as spectacular - fabulous views, ridge walks, pristine mountain lakes and alpine meadows carpeted with wildflowers. As well as a huge selection of hiking trails to choose from, there area also many trails that are open to mountain bikes, as well as many kilometres of groomed cross-country ski trails in the winter.

Canmore and Kananaskis Village - Trail Map and Guide

This map covers some of the most popular hiking trails in Kananaskis Country - including those in the Canmore and Smith Dorrien/Spray Lakes area, Lower Kananaskis Valley, Barrier Lake area, Kananaskis Village area, Ribbon Creek area and Bow Valley Provincial Park.

Popular trails include Mt. Allen and Centennial Ridge (the highest maintained trail in the Canadian Rockies), Ribbon Falls and Ribbon Lake, Lillian and Galatea Lakes, Jewell Pass, Prairie View and Barrier Lake Lookout.

On the back is a 1:25,000-scale inset map of the Ribbon Creek-Kananaskis Village area, as well as descriptions and photos of 14 recommended day hikes, 3 overnight trips and 6 mountain biking trails.

Best of Canmore - Trail Map and Guide

This trail map and guide is designed for people who want to spend some time hiking, biking and exploring Canmore and vicinity.

On the front is a detailed 1: 35,000-scale map of the Canmore townsite area, covering Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park to the west, Lady Macdonald and Grotto Canyon to the north and The Three Sisters and Ha Ling Peak to the south. All the hiking and biking trails are labelled and distances are marked. On the map are 25-metre contour lines, as well as relief shading.

On the back of the map are descriptions of eleven of the best walks, day hikes and mountain biking trails in the area, including the hikes up to Grassi Lakes, Ha Ling Peak and Mt. Lady Macdonald. The highlights of each trail are noted, as well as distance, elevation gain and directions to the trailhead. Also on the back, we've included short descriptions of suggested restaurants, sights and museums in Canmore, with hours of operation and admission fees noted to make it easier to plan your day.

Five color photos accompany the descriptions on the back of the map.

Kananaskis Lakes - Trail Map and Guide

This map covers what some say is the most scenic terrain in all of Kananaskis Country -  Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and the northern part of Elk Lakes Provincial Park. The map takes in the upper Smith Dorrien-Spray Trail as well as the dense network of trails in the Kananaskis Lakes area accessed via Highway 40.

Popular trails covered on this map include Chester Lake, Burstall Pass, Kananaskis Lookout, Upper Kananaskis Lake Circuit, Ptarmigan Cirque and Elk Lakes.

On the back of the map is a 1:25,000-scale inset map of the Kananaskis Lakes area, as well as trail descriptions of 16 recommended day hikes, 3 overnight trips and 9 mountain bike trails.

Bragg Creek and Sheep Valley - Trail Map and Guide

This Kananaskis map covers the popular recreation terrain located closest to Calgary and accessed via Bragg Creek. Coverage includes Elbow Valley south to Sheep River Road (Highway 546). The Sibbald Flats and McLean Creek off-road vehicle zones with their various snowmobile and motorcycle roads and trails are also covered.

Popular hiking trails on this map include Elbow Falls, Fullerton Loop, Moose Mountain and Lookout, Elbow Valley and the complete Elbow Loop Trail.

Hikers and cyclists eager to hit the trails early in the season should note that many of the Elbow Valley trails are open as early as mid-April, depending on the year.

Highwood & Cataract Creek - Trail Map and Guide

This map extends Gem Trek's coverage to the south and east boundaries of Kananaskis Country, covering the trails southeast of Highwood Pass and accessed by Highways 40, 541, 940 and 542 (Johnson Creek Trail).

Popular trails covered include Pickle Jar Lakes, Mist Ridge, Mt. Lipsett, Bull Creek Hills, Zephyr Creek and Lower Cataract Creek.

A 1:50,000-scale inset map on the back increases coverage south to take in the popular trails accessed from Highways 940 and 542, including Pasque Mountain, Plateau Mountain, Hailstone Butte Fire Lookout and Indian Graves Ridge.

Also on the back of the map is a trail-guide to the area, featuring write-ups of 22 recommended outings, ranging from easy interpretive walks to more strenuous hikes and easy scrambles. Included are three recommended bike-and-hike trips and two overnight trips. Local guidebook author Mike Potter (Fire Lookout Hikes in the Canadian Rockies and Ridgewalks in the Canadian Rockies) hiked many of the trails with a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite unit) to get accurate trail data and contributed most of the trail write-ups and photographs.

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Last update: Sept. 20, 2015

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